What is Rolfing?

Originally called Structural Integration, Rolfing is a process which systematically frees, lengthens, and rebalances the body. Through 10 sessions, I use my hands, forearms, and elbows to carefully stretch and recondition soft tissue, to release adhesions between layers of soft tissue, and to move one layer on another.


What Can I Expect to Happen?

Restoring space, movement, and balance throughout the body brings ease and harmony into the system. Misalignment drains energy and causes pain. With order restored, clients generally stand taller, experience an increased breathing capacity, and more coordination and comfort in physical activities. Potentially, everything from sleeping to running can become easier. Vitality increases as freedom of movement and circulation improve.


How Do We Become Misaligned?

Gravity, falls, sprains, car accidents, sports injuries, surgeries, emotional stress, food sensitivities, repetitive motion, pregnancy, and moving the couch can all disorganize the body. It adds up. Bodies constantly try to keep going. This can cause compensations which transmit stress and misalignment from one area of the body to another. Eventually, joints become compressed and twisted and symptoms develop. Not only do people get shorter with age, getting shorter is aging.

How Does Rolfing Compare to

Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic adjustments focus on putting bones in place. My work focuses on putting the tissue in place that structures where the bones sit. Think about it. If your spine keeps going out of place, it’s the soft tissue that pulls it out. My clients who go to chiropractors report that as their soft tissue gets organized, their adjustments come easier and last longer.

Does It Hurt?

Disorganized and strained bodies are sore. As we work together to release the tissue you may experience a wide variety of sensations from pleasurable to somewhat uncomfortable. Many clients talk of a “good kind of pain,” meaning the momentary soreness they experience feels beneficial and healing. The client is in control and can say stop at any time. But more frequently than asking me to stop, clients go to sleep during sessions.


How Long Are the Sessions?

I allow 1 1⁄2 hours per client. Spacing of the ten sessions can be individualized. One session every week or two is the usual rate.

Who Gets Rolfed?

  • People in chronic pain resulting from physical injury, repetitive motion, surgery or misuse of their bodies.

  • People whose spines need frequent adjustments.

  • People involved in sports, aerobics, yoga, dance and running who want to improve performance and reduce risk of injury.

  • People in high stress, tense, or physically demanding lifestyles.

  • People who want more than a massage.

  • People who feel they are living and working below their inherent potential.

  • People who want to breathe and sleep better.

  • People who want more harmony in their lives.

  • People in every age group – infants to seniors. 

How Can I Learn More?

If you have other questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, call me at my office 785/841-8481.

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